How would you like to part of our new era at GUTHRIE MUSIC RENTAL?

Maestro Guthrie bequeathed his entire collection of musical scores to the library so future generations could enjoy live musical performances. However, these treasures must be maintained or they will decay with time.

The library is already over 40 years old and has made thousands of rentals. Now we need your help to preserve Maestro Guthrie’s legacy for the future.

Look through our catalog and choose a favorite composer, symphony, opera, even simply a piece of music or a conductor’s score. You can help us either mend or replace that piece to it can be available for rent. All borrowers will know of your contribution thanks to a bookplate we’ll put on the score with your name.

To ADOPT-A-PART contact us at: (909) 889-7954 or email us at


Donate Music

Pieces of Maestro Guthrie’s music scores date back to the 1800s. While they are beautiful pieces of musical history, some are no longer in fit condition for rental.

Help us maintain Maestro Guthrie’s legacy by donating a score or piece of music today. A list of those scores which urgently need replacing may be found below.

Donate an Instrument

The Guthrie Music Rental Library and the San Bernardino Symphony do much more than simply lend and perform music. Our board, staff, musicians and volunteers are active in promoting musical exposure and education within the Inland Empire. You can help by donating an instrument for a needy child to play and learn with.

By donating an instrument, your contribution to a child’s life is much more than an object. Children who learn music and play instruments perform demonstrably better in school, including in math and reading. They also develop enhanced critical thinking skills and stay in school longer than their non-musical peers, and have the lowest lifetime use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

By donating an instrument, you will have a lasting impact on our community here in the Inland Empire.

Volunteer Support

We also need help with our collection, fulfilling orders, mending scores, maintaining our website, events, and much more.

If you need community service hours, some practical experience in a variety of areas, or just want to help us better serve the community and our renters, please call at (909) 889-7954.

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