The San Bernardino Symphony offers a unique opportunity to get to know the members of our orchestra through our Adopt-a-Musician program!
Read about our musicians or come and hear them at a performance, then choose your favorite! Adopters receive a lanyard and card to wear to performances to show your support of your musician. They also receive invitations to special rehearsals and get-togethers with the musicians.  


"Adoption Fees" are based on the following scale and are limited to no more than three Adopters per performer: 

Musicians @ $150 each
Principals @ $300 each 
Concertmaster @ $500


Adopt-A-Musician Form

Grace Baldwin
Sara Andon


George and Elaine Bohn
Robert Coomber


Mark and LauraLee Brownton
Todor Pelev


Donna Cooley
Tom Sender


Don and Earleen Dudley
Margaret Worsley


Drs. Carolyn Eggleston and Thom Gehring
Ana Maria Maldonado


Ricki Estvander-Mease
Marilyn Schram
Linda Wilson


Hon. Douglas and Mrs. Judi Fettel
Carolyn Beck


Drs. Ernest and Dorothy Garcia
Margaret Worsley


Lloyd and Marion Garrison
Ana Maria Maldonado


Robert Goldware
Yang Steinke


Lois Jordan
Pierre Flores


Joshua Laizure
Sara Andon


Nicholas Laizure
John Gann


Theresa Lantz
Margaret Worsley


Dr. Lucy Lewis
Wendy Waggener


James and Regina Low
William Roper


Chester and Desiree Marcell
Harvey Newmark


Dr. Audrey Mathews
Harvey Newmark


Mildred “Millie” McKim
Michael Tacchia


Drs. Elliot and Gloria Meltzer
Marilyn Schram


Dean McVay
Thomas Sender


Hon. Patrick and Mrs. Sally Morris
Colleen Coomber


Hon. Phillip and Mrs. Judy Morris
Sahak Karapetyan
Hripsime Yepremyan


Elizabeth Murphy
Harvey Newmark


Ronney and Judy Podskalan
Margaret Worsley


Phil and Lynda Savage
Audrey Lamprey


Dr. Victoria Seitz
Harvey Newmark


Doug Solberg 
Carla Capolupo
Circe Diaz Gamero


Orville and Margy Spears
Kathleen Dyer


Judith Valles
Todor Pelev


If you have not yet adopted YOUR musician, please visit our table in the lobby!

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